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The wind was blowing violently around me. So strong that I began to lose my grip on the earth. The rain, relentless and indiscriminate. Uncaring of what I was trying to accomplish.

As the weather whipped my body and backpack, I felt a rising of serene happiness. I had found my spiritual home, nature was kicking my ass and there was no where else I wanted to be.

Hi, I’m Clair…

My life has been a journey of spiritual adventuring the world and within my own self. After surviving meningitis, I wanted to celebrate my life on its anniversary by facing one of my many fears. I also wanted to create amazing memories, after losing so many of my own to brain damage.


In 2016 I chose to fully travel solo for the first time. I picked Iceland as I'd always wanted to go ever since I discovered Bjork as a teenager. This experience was due to change the whole course of my life after.

Something was different on the day I visited Kerid. I circled the crater seeing visual reminders of my past in the landscape. Like an open air museum. As if my life up to now was embodied in the rocks and soil.

clair in kerid

IMG_20171107_122746190 (1).jpg

icelandic ice

I returned home feeling as if I was made of glass, afraid to be around anyone in case they accidentally broke me. I was a very newborn phoenix gathering strength to rise.


What followed was many months of my life being completely overhauled.


I began life in 2018 almost unrecognisable to the girl who left for Iceland in 2016. I wanted to share my journey and help others. So I created this website, wanting to combine the idea of a path of pure light, leading the way home. 

I wanted to soar, but first decided to test out my ideas in the local community.

I created My Happy Space C.I.C., a pop up wellbeing hub. It was a great success and I loved it. We ran the project for 2 years, and then through covid I shared Pure Light of Home services online. 

In the background, my own life was building up to transform again. Another major overhaul started in 2019, and hasn't yet stopped. There isn't an aspect of my life it hasn't touched, including watching my Mummy get inexplicably unwell, and die within weeks from cancer. Then witness the same happen to her husband, my beloved step dad, just 8 days later.

Thankfully, the Universe never leaves us. As I was reaching yet another breaking point, I have been led back to here. When I am as stripped bare as this, my heart wants to connect, hold your hand, and help both of us walk through this crazy world together. 

my amazing mummy

Being ready for this requires bravery, being unafraid to look at the things others cannot, a willingness to "kick ass" as my Mummy would say. You have to fight for yourself.


The life you will receive in return is so worth it. Maybe this is what you came here for?

I have a list of my most used resources below to help you along. One day my own support will be shared among them once again. Until then, whatever your journey, I send you lots of hugs and so much love. 

From my heart to yours
Clair Xx

My favourite resources

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