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Exploring the Divergent Factions with Spirituality

Updated: Apr 14

Inspired by Divergent (the book series by Veronica Roth) and by one character’s admission that he wanted to be the personification of all five factions within this fictional world, I felt this was a great blueprint for life. How could we develop all these facets of ourselves? Even if you haven’t read the book, this is still a great guide to seeking a well-rounded life. I suggest reading the blurb prior to reading this post, which is based around these five factions.

“I don’t want to be just one thing. I want to be brave, and selfless and intelligent and honest and kind” – Four (Divergent, Veronica Roth)

Abnegation (Selfless) Did anyone feel like this faction got the balance right? Selflessness is so honourable, but I also felt in the movie and book like their individual voices were lost. Can we be visible as an individual and still be selfless?

This subject reminds me of Wayne Dyer. A man who served until his last breath. He did this without diluting himself or his unique sense of humour. He dedicated time to studying Lao-tzu, who described service to others as one of the four cardinal virtues. As Wayne says; “When you make the shift to supporting others in your life, without expecting anything in return, you’ll think less about what you want and find comfort and joy in the act of giving and serving. This giving, loving, serving person is the real you.” Wayne suggested to cultivate this part of us by asking every day; “How may I serve?” We can explore this through the Adventure Book I have created to go with this post. Download below.

Amity (Kind) There’s a plaque on one of the walls in my home that simply says ‘Be kind’. A constant reminder to pause and consider what others need from me. Someone responds to something in a way you wouldn’t expect. We have to remember that we don’t know what they are going through. We don’t live in their head, know their history without guessing. So we can choose to be kind. The Amity faction also prioritised their own joy and happiness. Do we do enough to bring happiness into our own lives?

Selflessness is wrapped up in kindness. But are they the same thing? Being kind usually involves doing something that also brings happiness. Random acts of kindness are all about joy, sometimes spontaneity. They are all about raising a smile on many faces around us. Being selfless means that sometimes we choose to do something we don’t particularly want to do. But we do it for others because they need us to. Others don’t need our acts of kindness, but they may need us to be selfless at times.

Candour (Honest) How freeing it is to be ourselves, to tell the truth and be authentic. To be so open that you have no worries for anyone finding out what is really going on with you. Can you build this in every day more and more?

We can be honest and kind. Kindness without honesty can be empty, perhaps sometimes not even true kindness. Although when it comes to a truth that may hurt another, is revealing that truth kind? Can we turn to selflessness to answer this question? As Wayne suggested, being of service reveals the real you. So perhaps if we focussed on service first, our real self can become more in touch with the truth and be in a position to deliver that kindly.

Erudite (Intelligent) The wonderful quest for knowledge. Spend a good amount of time on internet forums and you’ll quickly learn that your comments may not be worth much if you don’t have a means to back it up. Your comment may be seen as unhelpful, if you don’t offer some credibility, stats, or proof that things are as you say they are. This system seems to replicate in many relationships. With friendly discussions and in the workplace.

Offering some solid ground to your offer of help is kind. Taking the time to do that is also selfless. With the additional payoff that you are ensuring that your comments are honest to the best of your ability. Thank you Candor.

Dauntless (Brave) My favourite faction. This has been my quest in life! I feel like the reason for this is that to me, this is the underpinning faction to all others. To be selfless requires bravery, as it often means putting ourselves out there into sometimes uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. To be kind requires bravery. Random acts of kindness especially often require us to step out of our comfort zone too. Offering kindness to strangers who are usually on their guard, we face up to being knocked back simply for trying to be kind. We face potential rejection. Intelligence requires bravery. True wisdom means sometimes stepping into the unknown, trying new things and risking getting it wrong. There are plenty of scientists who had to be brave to try new things in the search for knowledge. Honesty requires bravery. It requires a sense of self-security, knowing that whatever we say or do that is in line with our own values, once again we may be rejected for it. Can we step forwards with our head held high and say what is truly in our heart?

Our journey to becoming Divergent can be as long or as short as we want to make it. The PDF below sets out a journey, asking questions to help us explore. I suggest you find a quiet space, meditate how you usually would and ask one question at a time. You might want to try one question per day, or per week. Or even take a week to ask question one daily, and week two asking question one and two, building up that way. The key is to take it at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed. Evolve yourself slowly. See my journey below the downloads.

These two are standard questions to help you explore. The first is editable, the second is an example book.

Download • 659KB
Pure Light of Home Adventure book Diverg
Download • 638KB

This one helps you explore Shamanically, by connecting with the animals that can support you on this path.

Download • 655KB

This one helps you explore the symbols in your home or nature.

Download • 649KB

My Journey to Divergence

I tried this myself. First using the Crystal Ally deck and asking before each pull, which card/crystal would most help me along the path of X faction. It was an interesting mix! Feel free to try this with any oracle decks you may have.

I then tried the symbols adventure. I got;

  • The daily affirmation on the left for Abnegation, which is a reminder to be of service.

  • My buddha tealight holder for Amity, showing the light I have to share for the purpose of joy.

  • A small glass waving cat for Candour, symbolising honesty through my work.

  • The book on spirit animals for Erudite. While I knew it would be a book, I still don't understand why I felt drawn to this book.

  • Dr Seuss quote for Dauntless. To be brave in a world where being yourself can be hard.

I'd love to see what symbols, animals, cards, crystals, or any method that you feel you want to do, share it! We are mostly active on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know how you feel on your journey to becoming 100% DIVERGENT!

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