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Iceland: The Ultimate Spiritual Adventure

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

If you have been reading this blog you'll know that I have a love affair with Iceland. Why Iceland? There are so many things that make this place special. I love to read the things that captured the hearts of other lovers, and felt this blog really needed my own.

Spiritual adventures in nature

I loved waking up in the morning to a new adventure. Showering and picking out everything I needed for that day. Usually a well thought out outfit to brave the elements, camera and snacks. I loved taking photographs all day of the most breathtaking scenes. They never ended. I loved to hear of the history of Iceland, and random facts that would leave anyone in awe.

Vulnerable connections

I loved finding a connection in people even if only for a few minutes. Outside surrounded by volcanos and glaciers, the people connected to their hearts feel so open. I met a couple just watching the northern lights, and we kept in touch simply because we shared this incredible experience.


I loved to witness the level of care in what other people think going down to zero. The first day I ventured through Reykjavik I saw someone singing as they went about their day. And then again. And again. And then waiting outside my hostel for a pick up, a young man singing loudly as he walked down the street. And the same man the next evening. I began to realise this was normal! On my final day of that trip, I decided to travel back to the UK wearing my pyjama bottoms instead of jeans. Iceland felt free, uninhibited, accepting, inclusive, non-judgemental.

Accumulation of knowledge

I loved how I developed my skills and knowledge quickly over a short time. I was suddenly amongst experts, photographers, history buffs, naturists. All these people were so happy to teach. I learnt more about my camera in one day that I’ve learnt the entire time I’ve had it. I also learnt some language, and enjoyed practising my pronunciation.

Wishes fulfilled

All this experiences speak to a need within me. My need for love and connection. My desire to learn, capture, translate. Translating feelings, into something creative for others to see. My need to be free, to push the boundaries of what is currently comfortable. My love of exploration, pushing my own perceptions and learning from other cultures. I love this. I love finding new places and finding new heart spaces. It fulfils my heart to seek new, exciting, adventures. The quick learning. Connecting with experienced professional people who were only too willing during the time you were with them, to share their knowledge.

  • Connection

  • Love

  • Learning

  • Capture & Translate

  • Free Spirit

  • Adventure

  • Pushing boundaries

  • Exploration

I am looking to connect to myself, to others, and the world around me on a deeper level. Continually deepening. Exploring everything. I am looking to communicate deeply, translate deeply. To go to the ends of the world and existence itself. I am looking to have a beautiful relationship with everything, however fleeting. I am looking to love and be loved. Throughout.

I loved Iceland because I felt, home. Adventurers together. Finding connection everywhere.


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