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Spiritual Tools: The Staff

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

I am sure there are many people out there who have never considered needing or wanting a staff. I was one of those people. I would see friends with them and wasn't sure I ever really got why they felt the need. I told the Universe that if it felt one would enhance my life, my staff would reveal itself to me.

Fast forward a year or two and I'm enjoying a magical walk with my Shamanic/Asatru family. These walks are pre-designed with stops along the way to meditate on something or enjoy some other wonder of nature. This particular walk was to be taken mostly in reflective quiet.

After a few hours we came to a large body of water where I felt a strange stillness. The leader of our group requested we continue the next section in total silence. He gestured towards the top of the grassy slope, and beckoned us to follow him. At the top of the slope he led us to a stile that was a simple wooden ladder and stone steps on the other side. It felt like stepping into another world.

Over the stile the grass was greener, the air more silent. The sun filtered through the tall trees as the entire world around me grew more green and brown with the shimmer of bark and earth. I paused as a wave of emotion began to encircle me. I felt that familiar yet rare feeling, God was here. Tears welled inside my eyes, not of sadness but of sheer awe at the space around me. It was so beautiful.

A stream nearby made itself known with its beautiful trickle of water. So I padded over to it. It was next to a small clearing, a space so magical and beautiful. The air so silent, rung so loud with the sounds of God energy. I felt so relaxed, trusting, wise, that feeling that everything is completely okay as it is and all is well.

As I continue to walk I reached a very steep and muddy slope. The leader was halfway up, with his staff firmly planted in the ground to anchor his body. His hand reached out towards me. I took it and my feet began to slip. My teary emotion turned to laughter. The leader did his best to keep me from slipping further down all the while both of us laughing at my lack of self control.

Once we both managed to get me to the bottom, I looked up and momentarily stopped breathing. All around me were fairy things. Man made and planted on purpose. There was a fairy house, logs made into a seating area and trinkets left by those who came to pay homage to the fairy energy. I felt a pull towards the stream and seemed to be in a trance. The forest was talking to me.

fairy Pure Light of Home

The water, rocks, trees, branches, light were all giving me messages about life. Each time my eyes rested on something, I began to hear a story that it had to tell. They were all so eager to educate me, knowledge that to them came so freely. I listened and tried to remember each one. All the while I saw something shining at me from across the stream. I continued to listen to the plants, stones and water until our leader signalled that the silence was over. I jumped over to him and pulled him to the stream, pointing out the shine. I asked him if this was for me.

staff Pure Light of Home

He waded into the stream, reached over and pulled out a branch. After a quick examination he agreed that it was strong enough for me. Another walker came over with a knife and quickly trimmed it down enough to become my first staff. We all stood around admiring it. I took the piece that was cut off, and placed it back under the tree where I saw the shine. I communicated with the branch end that it was to be my anchor to this place, and we would always be connected.

As we left, I carried my new staff in front of my heart. Combining our energies and asserting that we were now as one.

In the time since I me and my staff have been welcomed into each others lives, we have accompanied each other on walks and events. On walks, my staff keeps me steady and stops me from slipping and falling. At events it serves as an extension of my strength. Proudly standing beside me adorned with red ribbon and a feather. It symbolises a boundary. Reminding me that I can assert my own space at any time.

staff fairy Pure Light of Home

I didn't know that I needed a staff, until one was ready to join me and enhance my life. I encourage you to allow nature to signal to you when you are ready to welcome something into your life.

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