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I know that life can be hard. 

We can feel disconnected, sad, and lost in the world. Without something to guide us, support us, and love us, we could drift forever. Never finding our own way to live in a way that fulfils us. 

By exploring ourselves and the world spiritually, we can reconnect, hear our own truth and find the courage to live our lives exactly as they were meant to be lived. 

I have experience with introversion, high sensitivity, narcissism abuse recovery, starting new businesses, and more. Get in touch with me to find out how I can help you. If you just simply need to offload in a safe and reflective space, that's okay too. 

You can see my testimonials for all my intuitive work here.

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The Light Says YES!!



Shortly afterwards I did a tarot reading and the message I got matches entirely with what you have put in my email. I guess I was answered. Thank you so much for being the messenger. I knew that I needed you.

S. Chilton

I received a reading from Clair which was both insightful and appropriate to my circumstances. She did a great job.

M. Jordan

Thanks so much...this gives me hope. And I WILL ride that storm. SOOOO much love & light to you.  

T. P

Clair is an inspiration, the energy & knowledge she has is fantastic, how she has helped me so far has been amazing! Thank you.

E. Nadin

You are so spot on with this, so spot on 


I really cant believe how spot on you are, I'm amazed, everything you said was correct, I really needed this at this moment, thanks again

V. S

Thank you for healing me! I genuinely feel much better. I've had a rough few weeks, but I've been in a good head space ever since. I don't know how you do it, but I love it!

S. Harrison

You are a true healer, you always have been. You're beautiful.

S. Chilton

I am grateful you have reached out to me and have confirmed what I have felt in my heart. You have truly have a gift and how thoughtful of you to share it with me!


Thank you so much. I'm under so much pressure at the moment and can't tell you how much I appreciate your reading- I can take all of what you've said.

J. B

Very accurate and positive. Given me new found strength to solider on and keep trusting! Thank you Clair xx

L. M

Your message hit the bullseye!


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